Kaatre En Vaasal | Cover

Published on Jan 25, 2019
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Kaatre En Vaasal (Cover) ft. Nikhil Mathew
Published on Aug 26, 2017

Listen to playback singer Nikhil Mathew singing a new cover of the popular romantic song 'Kaatre En Vaasal' from the blockbuster hit Tamil movie 'Rhythm' (2000) starring action star Arjun and Jyothika in lead roles.

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Music arranged & produced by Rahul Raj
Singer: Nikhil Mathew
Guitar: Sandeep Mohan
Keyboard: Joe Johnson
Recorded by Sai Prakash @MyStudio-Kochi
Mixed by Hari Shankar @MyStudio-Kochi
TD. & Edit: Vin Iris
DOP & JIB: Anand Alanthara
Camera: Albert Thomas & Sanu
Makeup: Blessy Chacko
Assistant Producer: Nikhil Skaria Korah
Producer: Jithu Kuruvilla Thomas
Head, Content Production: Santhosh George Jacob

About the Song
''Kaatre En Vaasal' is one of those top hits of music maestro A.R. Rahman who originally composed the song for the blockbuster hit Tamil movie 'Rhythm' (2000). P Unnikrishnan and Kavita Krishnamurthy sang the song. Renowned lyricist Vairamuthu holds the credit for the lyrics.

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