Singappenney Female Version Cover

Published on Mar 12, 2022
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Bigil - Singappenney Female Version Cover Song A.R Rahman | Atlee | Focuz Studios™
Published on Oct 24, 2019

Myself ChandruBharathy
Founder of Focuz Studios™

I started watching Tamizh cinema because of actor Vijay. And just like how my family was around me when I grew up, Vijay’s films were also around me. I grew up watching his films. In Fact I was one of those kids that tried to emulate quite a few of mannerisms while growing up. Music has been another inspiration for me and I have been hooked to AR Rahman’s songs since childhood. My personal life journey, in short, if I can allow for drama to take over, has been filled with Vijay film like moments and Ar Rahman’s soothing music.

I have recreated the female version of the ‘Singapenney’ song here. To be honest, it is a dream come true moment for me because I have worked on this precious song with my own team and I wouldn’t have expected for this to happen while growing up. This is a very special moment for me and I am grateful you are reading this.

From Roja to Bigil, a lot of Rahman’s music and Vijay’s films have been with me through all kinds of situations. I would have every song for every situation in life and it has safely been tucked into my heart at all times during life’s highs and lows. And today, I have had the opportunity to work on the Singapenney cover song to express my sentiment and gratitude. It’s truly an honor!

Music Folks
Team Akku: Aravind, Akash and Lakshmikanth
Singer: Jahnavi Aradhyula
Cajon: Anand castro

Editing DEEPAK
Title & Poster SIVA
Production House: Focuz Studios™

Thanks to original Composer
A.R. Rahman
Sony Music South

Movie - Bigil
Song - Singappenney
Lyrics - Vivek
Music – Team Akku
Directed by Atlee

Production House
Focuz Studios™

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